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NEW - Learning Pod - Young STEAMers (ages4-6) - NEW


Mondays and Wednesdays - Young STEAMers Learning Pod (ages 4-6)

Mondays - Chemistry and Physics (ages 9-12)

Tuesdays - Chemistry (ages 5-8)

Wednesdays - Biology (ages 5-8)

Thursdays- Physics (ages 5-8)

Fridays- Astronomy and Meteorology (ages 5-8)

Food Chain
Solar System
Test Tubes

Chemistry Fun

In every lesson of CHEMISTRY FUN we will study a new concept in chemistry and perform an experiment that will end up being an artwork. Subjects covered are: absorption, chromatography, chemical reaction, state of matter and polarity.


Physics Time

Want to learn about Light?  Sound? Gravity? Magnetism? and Newton's 3rd law of motion? With daily hands-on experiments we will discover the fun in Physics and answer questions from our natural world.

Cogs in the Machine


Love building things? Curious how things works? In our ENGINEERING serious, every day we will build a fun machine and understand the science behind its function.


Our Solar System

In OUR SOLAR SYSTEM we will learn about our sun and the planets in our solar system as well as comets, asteroid and astronauts. In every class we will have a fun hands on activity that will help us understand our universe.

Plant Biology


BIOMES is an introduction to Ecology. In this class students will be exposed to the different organism communities and the relationship between the plants, animals and the environment.


The Cell

The Cell is the basic unit of all known living organisms. in this series we will focus on the structural, functional, and biological activities of the cell, 


Chemistry Too

Have you ever tried to push water and it pushed you back?  Do you want to make water walk? How about playing with candies and make an egg naked?  All of that and some more in a new and exciting session of The Art in Science - That's Chemistry Too!!

Roller Coaster

More Physics

With daily hands-on experiments we will discover the fun in Physics, while learning about electricity, momentum, friction and balance,  and answer questions from our natural world.

Engineering Sketch

Let's Build!

In this serious of engineering, we will design and build new and exciting structures and machines, we will learn how they work and have fun exploring (and playing) with our creations.


To Infinity and Beyond

TO INFINITY AND BEYOND will  take us far far away to explore and discover the wonders of out of space. We will learn about the moon and its phases, will study eclipses, will visit other galaxies and the Hubble telescope and will build a spacecraft. 


Food Chain 

In FOOD CHAIN we will learn how organisms interact , discuss the relationship between producers, consumers and decomposes, and create our own food chain diorama.


Kitchen Science

The process of preparing food, cooking, and baking is actually an applied science. In What's For Dinner - Kitchen Science - we will learn chemistry and will sometimes even eat our experiments! 


Twist & Spin

In this serious everything will spin - we will build toys, create art and observe and examine this fascinating motion.   Come on everybody - lets Twist and Spin together.


Robots Parade

In this exciting session we will learn about different robots. We will investigate motors and how they work, build a few robots that move, rotate and spin, and finally design and build our very own robot! At the end of the session our robots will have a parade.

Image by CDC


In MICROBES we will learn about five types of micro-organisms that belongs to this family. Every day will be dedicated to a different group: viruses, bacteria, Fungi, Protozoa and Algae.

Aquarium Plants



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